Being prepared for your Session, you will find you get more out of it with better images!!


Get plenty of rest the night before your Session, drinking water also helps keep you hydrated and looking your best!  

Be sure to bring a brush & touch up make up. Having your hair or makeup done is an option.

Wear colors that blend well as a group!  (*important)

Rich jewel tones, black, white, tan, beige or grey look best! Wearing too many colors or busy patterns is very distracting in a family photo.  A simple relaxed look with plain solids look best. (jeans, same tone sweaters, tops or jackets  (all/everyone in lighter tones or all/everyone in darker tones) looks best... you can add a pop of color with a scarf or hat etc.

Wear clothes that fit comfortaby, do not show your arms if you are not happy with them.  Wearing black or something dark is slimming, simple and always looks good!

Bring several clothing changes if you are unsure!  I would be happy to assist you with choices.

Tanning too often or getting your haircut *right before a Session is NOT always a good idea.  Give it a few days.

Try not to come on an empty stomach, bring a snack or drink if you need.  especially for the kids, a Session usually last 2 hours....its always a good idea!

Have a FUN idea?...lets discuss it beforehand and if we can make it happen great.  Bring a prop!

Any questions.... please ask away!